Ice machine Bansang

The Bansang Town Development Comitee applied to profit from the project „Cool Gambia“, organised by Namél e.V. and funded by SEZ – Stiftung für Entwicklungszusammenarbeit.

Pit, Sedat, Kalifa and Julia visited Bansang, a small town 300 km away from the coast. The TDC wants to develop Bansang and plans to initiate own business for the wellbeing of the town. The „white elephant dream“ is to own a piece of land, to implement cooling house and iceplant, and to run a bakery. The „Save Bansang Association“ allowed the TDC to actually buy a piece of land. The Cool Gambia project allowed the TDC to start off a small business to earn money for the „white elephant dream“.

In four weeks time a small shop was rented and renovated, the icemachine implemented. The problem to solve was to get clean cool water, have enough pressure for the machine, and not to watse too much water for the machine sooling process. Thanks to the ideas of the TDC and Markus, Kalifa and Ralf who did their best to solve this problem the icemachine can start producing up to 50 kg ice per day. It is up to the TDC to check the icemachine in reality.

The ice is very much needed for cooling down fish from the Gambia river, vegetables and meat in the market. Mamadou Jobarteh and Ansuman Colley as representatives of the TDC and Icemachineproject in Bansang thank Namél e.V. for their initiative.